Cost of Dating

Amazing how expensive dating can get.

$50 a date is actually not that uncommon anymore.

If you think about it that’s a movie, snacks, and sodas, or a decent diner.

But  it doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money, the trick is to get a bit creative and stay away from movies, or restaurants.

Sitting in a movie theater or stuffing you’re face in a restaurant doesn’t allow for much conversation so you can’t get to know each other and start building a connection. Plus everyone else does it, it’s boring.

If you want to increase you’re chances of getting a second date, conversation is the key.

So what are some alternatives?

It’s summer time so why not take advantage of the outdoors, go on a hike, or a bike ride, and many cities have outdoor concerts.

If you’re not outdoorsy try an art museum, or just enjoying a cup of coffee in your favorite cafe.

The possibilities are endless, just stay away from anything that inhibits conversation.


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